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West Coast Drilling can design and construct commercial bores with pump outputs of up to 400LPM.

Typically these systems are equipped with 6m stainless-steel screens and designed to limit the entrance velocity of the water through the screen to less than the maximum industry standard of 0.03metes/sec. Observations are made during the drilling phase to determine the most suitable sections of the aquifer for screening with consideration given to both supply and quality.

Pumps are positioned in the bore above the screen to ensure motors are adequately cooled and if de-watering of the aquifer above the screen does not allow for this, pumps are fitted with a cooling shroud and installed inside the screen.

In Western Australia, a License to Extract Water and a License to Construct a Bore could be required. Both licenses are issued by the WA Department of Water and typically specify the qualifications to be held by the driller and the depth to which the bore can be drilled.

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