DOMESTIC, PumpssmallWest Coast Drilling has installed more than 1000 submersible pumps in Perth bores since 1999.

A submersible pump has the task of driving water from the bore to the surface, forcing it through water pipes and then out through sprinkler nozzles. This work can be mathematically expressed in metres and in the world of pumps is referred to as head.  A submersible pump will continue to pump more and more water until a balance is reached between the head asked of it and the head it can generate. This point is known as its duty point.

By calculating the duty point of a pump we can calculate its output which will then determine whether the pump will work efficiently, inefficiently or cavitate and damage itself in any given application. This information can also be used to accurately calculate the number sprinklers a system can run and the correct selection of pipe sizes when designing a reticulation system. Whether it is a small domestic garden or semi-rural application, the perfect pump exists for the task!

West Coast Drilling generally selects pumps from the range offered by Grundfos and Lowara. Both companies build reliable pumps and offer large choice in their 4”domestic range.

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