New Water Bore Installations

For twenty years, West Coast Drilling has drilled quality, new water bores for Perth homes. The bores are designed and built to comply with the Minimum Construction Requirements for Water Bores in Australia, the Australian standard that ensures the best possible outcome for customers. 

Standard with each water bore installation: 
  • Detailed quotation specifying materials to be used and their cost
  • Site visit to inspect the property and determine the owner’s requirements
  • High quality Grundfos Pumps . Grundfos pumps have been installed in Perth bores for more than 50 years and are backed by a two-year factory warranty by Grundfos Australia
  • Full head works, allowing the pump to be isolated quickly and easily from the reticulation system and its performance tested
  • Full installation service including drilling, pump and electrical installation, connection to existing reticulation and the option to remove drill cuttings from site.
  • Full after sales service including pump, bore, controller and all aspects of the reticulation system
  • Fully insured, all drilling carried out by an ADIA licenced driller