After a water bore is drilled, drilling muds are purged from the bore with jets of compressed air or with a baling tube, allowing water from the aquifer to enter the bore. This process develops the pathways for the water to enter through the screen. It also forces  fine-gained material in the aquifer to enter through the screen and join the water and mud being expelled, further improving  the inflow.

During the operation of  a bore,  fine-grained material can build up around the screen and reduce the inflow of water,  particularly if the bore is over pumped or bacteria enter the system and block the screen.

Bore re-development in conjunction with specific chemical treatments is a solution often applied to bores with blocked screens, sulphur or iron bacteria infestation or to bores susceptible to localized  lowering of the water table. Once the problem is identified, a specific solution is implemented that will return the bore yield to its normal rate.

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