DOMESTIC, Maintenanc

Minimal maintenance is required to keep a submersible pump in good working order.  They are generally installed and left untouched for years. Some owners recommend turning the pump on, at least once a month during the winter but apart from that,  maintenance is directed towards the system into which they are installed.

Common causes of submersible pump failure are solenoid valves failing to open, reticulation controllers not electrically suited for the task, bores that are over pumped or the selection of the wrong  electrical-control components.

In essence, pump maintenance is really about maintaining the reticulation system into which the pump was installed and being alert to abnormalities as they arise. Investigating the cause of water hammer when it is first heard or that first dry patch in the garden will usually circumvent  more serious problems involving the pump.

It is also important to employ tradesmen who have experience in the industry and are familiar with the working and installation of submersible pump systems.

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